Where to Start When You're Saving for a House

If you're considering buying a house in Manteca or Lathrop, California, now is a great time to start preparing financially. Here’s how you can use your current stimulus check and other strategies to save for a down payment, earnest money deposit, and overall home purchase.

1. Determine Your BudgetWhere to Start When You're Saving for a House

Start by understanding how much house you can afford both now and in the future. Consult with a lender to get an idea of your buying power. Mortgage rates are currently low, giving you more house for less money. Consider all homeownership expenses, including taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, alongside your regular expenses like car payments and internet bills. Subtract these from your monthly income to see what you can truly afford for a house payment.

2. Reduce Your Debt

I spoke with fellow Realtor Peter Boutros of Stunning NJ Homes for his advice on debt reduction: "High debt levels can make you a risky investment to lenders. Focus on paying off your debt but keep the accounts open to maintain available credit. This improves your credit profile and makes you more attractive to lenders."

3. Cut Unnecessary Expenses

As a realtor, I know that extra expenses can add up fast. Review your spending habits closely. Track every penny you spend for a couple of months, categorizing expenses into groceries, entertainment, necessities, and household items. This will help you identify areas where you can cut back and save more money.

4. Pause Retirement Contributions Temporarily

If you’re contributing to a retirement fund, consider pausing or reducing these contributions temporarily and redirecting that money into a savings account for your down payment. Resume your retirement savings as soon as possible, as this should not be a long-term strategy.

5. Simulate Your Future Mortgage Payment

Test out your potential mortgage payment by saving the amount you would pay each month. Deposit this amount into a savings account for 2-3 months to see if it’s manageable alongside your other expenses.

6. Increase Your Income

Consider taking on additional work temporarily, such as a part-time job or gig work like delivery driving. Selling items you no longer need can also contribute to your down payment fund.

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Final Steps

Buying a house is an exciting journey, but it requires careful planning. Know your credit history, obtain a copy of your credit report, and speak with lenders about your goals. With effort and a clear plan, homeownership in Manteca or Lathrop can become a reality sooner than you think.

Start saving now, and contact us for more personalized advice on your home buying journey in Manteca and Lathrop!

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