8 Great Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

homeowner spring checklist

As the cooler season winds down in Manteca and Tracy, California, the joy of holiday gatherings and decorations fades into the reality of home upkeep. Spring emerges as a crucial time for attending to your home's needs, ensuring its longevity and comfort.

Fortunately, embarking on this journey of spring home maintenance doesn't require cramming all tasks into a single weekend. Instead, homeowners can spread these activities throughout the season, addressing both indoor and outdoor improvements with ease. Here are eight essential home improvement tasks tailored for Manteca and Tracy homeowners this spring.

Spring Home Maintenance Essentials

1. Window and Screen Cleaning: Welcome the spring sunshine by starting with your windows. A simple DIY cleaning solution of dish soap, white vinegar, and water can work wonders for exterior windows, removing layers of dirt and grime. Interior windows might benefit from your preferred commercial or homemade cleaner for a streak-free finish. For screens, a gentle vinegar solution can lift dirt and grime, with a touch of dish soap for tougher stains, followed by a thorough rinse and air drying.

2. HVAC Air Filter Replacement: Changing your HVAC air filters every three months is a best practice, possibly more often if you have pets or allergies. This simple step is vital for maintaining air quality and system efficiency.

Housing expert Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure offered some helpful tips.

"As a homeowner for the past thirty-four years and a real estate agent for thirty-eight, I see firsthand the importance of maintaining a home. One of the items that should be at the top of the list is HVAC maintenance. Your heating and cooling system is one of the most vital in every property. Without proper maintenance, it will not only fail sooner but your utility bills will be higher.

I recommend owners who have a hydro-air system heated by oil to have it serviced every year. Oil systems are dirty and need to be serviced regularly. A gas system can be done every couple of years. A technician can recharge the coolant for your AC and change all the filters. These tasks go a long way to keeping your system running smoothly."

3. Air Conditioning Service: Prepare for the changing seasons by servicing your air conditioning unit. This is usually a job for professionals, especially to comply with any warranty terms that might offer seasonal maintenance deals. Ensure ductwork and vents are clear to avoid blockages.

4. Exterior Damage Inspection: After winter, inspect your home's exterior for any damage. Look for issues with the roof, gutters, and siding. Addressing these early can prevent more significant problems later on.

5. Seal Doors and Windows: Before the summer heat, check seals around doors and windows. Tightening loose screws and adding rubber door sweeps can prevent pests from entering and improve energy efficiency.

Paul Lopez with Property Sourced adds in his own take on this:

"Before the summer heat peaks, in Manteca and Tracy, California it's essential for homeowners to remember to check and seal their doors and windows. This simple task can make a difference in how energy efficient your home stays.

As time goes by the seals around doors and windows can wear out. Get damaged creating gaps that let pests, insects and cool air escape. This makes your AC work harder to keep your home comfortable resulting in energy costs and strain on your HVAC system.

To tackle this issue start by examining the seals on all doors and windows for any signs of wear or damage. Look out for gaps tears in the sealing strips or spots where you can see daylight from inside. Tightening screws in window frames or door hardware can help close gaps that pests and air might sneak through.

Using rubber door sweeps is an budget-friendly solution. These sweeps attach to the bottom of your door to bridge the gap, between the door and threshold. They do double duty by keeping insects out of your home while also reducing air leakage.
Adding a touch, like this can help regulate the temperature inside your house reducing the reliance on air conditioning and cutting down on energy usage.

When it comes to windows think about using weather stripping or caulk to seal any openings. Weather stripping can be easily added to the moving parts of windows while caulk is ideal for filling in gaps and cracks in the window frame.

By making sure that doors and windows are properly sealed homeowners, in Manteca and Tracy can improve their home's energy efficiency. This not only creates a comfortable living space but also has the potential to save on energy costs. Additionally, this proactive step contributes to the health of the home by keeping pests out making it an important part of spring maintenance."

6. Exterior Paint Touch-ups: Inspect your home for chipped or faded paint. Spring is the perfect time for touch-ups, protecting your home's exterior and enhancing curb appeal.

7. Outdoor Area Revitalization: Clear winter debris from your yard, clean gutters, trim vegetation, and prepare the lawn for new growth. A tidy outdoor space is inviting for spring and summer activities.

8. Decluttering Home and Garage: Spring cleaning isn't just a tradition; it's an opportunity to declutter and refresh your living spaces. Consider donating items you no longer need, ensuring a cleaner, more spacious home environment.

By tackling these tasks, Manteca and Tracy homeowners can ensure their homes are well-prepared for the year ahead, maintaining both their property's value and their own comfort and well-being.

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