Herna Villanueva
Assistant to Paul Lopez
Herna Villanueva
Office: (209) 554-5779
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Herna is a licensed professional teacher. She's always been interested in improving her skills as a teacher, so she has made it her goal to learn everything there is to know about teaching and learning.

With that said, she believes that a person should never STOP learning because life NEVER stops teaching. Herna recently decided to start working with Property Sourced as an assistant to Paul Lopez. With this role, Herna is exposed to a different professional environment, with an emphasis on rental homes and property management. Herna’s role allows her to gain more experience and knowledge in the real estate industry. Having experience and an understanding of the needs of tenants helps Herna improve her craft as an assistant and she is eager to continue to grow within the company.

Herna takes pride in being a breadwinner for her family and making sure that they have what they need. On her time off, Herna enjoys climbing mountains and being in nature.